Cannabutter or Canna-oil? The Best Cooking Oil For THC Cannabis Infusions: Marijuana Tips & Tricks

Cannabutter or Canna-oil? What is the Best Cooking Oil For THC Cannabis Infusions? We find out today on Marijuana Tips & Tricks. Sponsored by tCheck THC potency checker. Save $$$ with code…


  1. Info aside, this guy is about as exciting as watching paint dry. Must he speak as if we’re grade 6 students? That aside, I’m dubious of his results but appreciate seeing that gauge so thanks for that!

  2. Very scientific and controlled. Great experiment. Well thought out. This should be the YouTube standard. However, thumbs down for having music.

  3. Omg everyone on these comments are so oblivious to weed works and so prude. This video is so bad it could be a cringe compilation. Amazing how someone could make weed look uncool. Bro if you're gonna make a video get your shit together and maybe don't be high off your ass when tryna teach something. I'm so glad I fast forwarded through this

  4. Thank you! This entire video series is absolutely invaluable to someone just getting started in this world of cannabis. I suffer from a chronic and degenerative disease that causes me heaps of pain. With cannabis, I was able to leave opiates behind before it became too much of a problem. But my insurance–that had no problem at all covering a drug that kills many people every day, refuses to pay for any treatment with cannabis. And since my illness prevents me from working, my funds are very, very scarce these days. By growing my own plants, then learning how to prepare edibles myself, I have been able to somehow keep afloat.

  5. Actually you don't need to decarb the cannabis first if you're doing a slow simmer like that. The cannabis will decarb into the oil and immediately attach to the fat molecules. I use fresh flower every time and have never once had any potency issues. The nice part about infusing oils this way is its much easier, has way less smell to fowell up the household AND it can actually be strained through a coffee filter! I use the "Melitta" brand filters because they have tiny holes that allow the oil through but catches all the plant matter…and as long as you remember to turn the filter when squeezing it so the seems are away from your container, and use light pressure, there's no worry of the paper seems popping open. Again, I've never had a problem with this method and it works every single time for liquid oils. I don't recommend for butter only because the butter fat particulates are larger than liquid oil and it doesn't strain through a coffee filter as easily. Definitely recommend cheese cloth for that use.

  6. I thought olive oil would be the lowest as I read should be hydrogenated fat. Glad oil oil is fine. It worked for me this past weekend and I had way to much CBD:THC ratio.

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