Cannabis: Separating the Science from the Hype | Mara Gordon | TEDxPaloAlto

NOTE FROM TED: While some viewers might find advice provided in this talk to be helpful as a complementary approach, please do not look to this talk for …


  1. I wouldn’t say THC is Better than CBD . That’s probably a bias opinion just because CBD doesn’t get you High. I wish there was such thing as 3-4 percent thc weed with a lot more cbd .

  2. ~ HUMAN ENDO-CANNABINOID SYSTEM ~ it is a master regulatory adaptogen… FULL SPECTRUM cannabinoids are better than CBD alone…
    the full expression of chemical compounds are vital to its broad spectrum biological efficacy…

  3. very heartening to see a talk such as this – where someone previously stigmatized against cannabis for its stereotypes has taken it upon themselves to do the thorough research required to understand how the plant can be used as a therapeutic – she covers a lot of extremely important and relevant points – ranging from concepts of medicine dosing, to plant cannabinoid types, especially, relating to the entourage effect inclusive of terpenoids, to how cannabis has the potential to replace pharmaceuticals that havent been providing the effective relief required – this to come from someone of her age going into the depth of the matter for her own physical mental wellbeing is inspiring, knowing how she has taken it upon herself to educate others and provide them a medicine

  4. I have spent many years doing "research" on pot and one thing I found was that the THC works by dropping your blood sugar. This is what gives you the munchies. But if you eat you will crash you buzz. Dont believe me? Try it. No one have ever died from pot.

  5. This stuff is a wonder medicine. After extensive neurosurgery, I am still in a constant state of pain, but, using medical marijuana to take care of my chronic pain takes care of almost all of that without the undesirable side effects of opioids.

  6. I have 3 broken discs from working, a construction accident 25 yrs ago. I was eventually prescribed 6 pills for pain and inflammation. It turned me into a zombie. Pain pills will eventually damage the kidney and liver. Over time I found that smoking cannabis bud was all the medicine I needed. I gave up taking all the pills and only use cannabis for pain. If I have a flair up of syatica pain I used some blond hash on top of top shelf cannabis as an extra shot of pain relief. Cannabis works real good for me for pain relief and allows me to work and live a normal life.

  7. Pity that Ted keep deciding what is legit and what isn't. Their censure of Graham Hancock was appalling. Stop censoring Ted! We can make our own minds up guys and gals!

  8. Cannabis is medical…highly medical. It only has the demonisation it has suffered due to unbelievable oppression from governments around the world, spearheaded by America's "War on Drugs" which is just a war on the people and is used as a means to enslave young people in private jails.

  9. Cannabis has been a blessing to the lives of millions in the underground, as they utilize it to alleviate their ailments. The industry was silenced by the large corporations for decades and it has finally TORN at the seams. We are now seeing the pent up craving for knowledge blow up and lead to one of the greatest moments in history for cannabis – being viewed as an essential business.

  10. See Demystifying the endocannabinoid system TED talk, also. The THC of cannabis atica/marijuana unlike the approx. 3% found in cannabis sativa/hemp/cbd is psycho active and has detrimental effects in the brain research has shown. There is a reason why it has been illegal for years. She has clearly developed a dependancy here. Her information is biased at this point. I sympathize with her pain. However, she is not a researcher or a physician.

  11. Cannabis CANNOT produce, NOR synthesize THC. Forget about the brain-washing and mind-control from the money grabbers. Do your own research then ADD IT UP. Why on earth would you need to BURN the DRIED plant material…IF it "contained" – THC?

    Cannabis IS Food 1st.

  12. **Can Consuming high potency cannabis strains of today regularly such as 500-1000 mg THC edibles cause mental illness, and have there been any long term studies done on this**

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