1. For me I love the body and mind feeling of weed but it makes socializing so much harder it’s like I overthink and go over in my head what I’m gonna say to people and just end up remain silent

  2. I’ve smoked pot heavy for 16 years – started smoking CBD only strain today and I feel like my old self again . Like a complete re awakening . The THC was giving “me” horrible panic attacks and suicidal thoughts and depression which have substantially subsided since giving up THC . Hope this encourages others that there are alternative ways to smoke pot and one in which you can feel your self again ! Your sober self . The CBD is non psychoactive ! Once off the THC for just a day I noticed my mood stabilize and my sense of smell and taste increased ten fold . I can also make comftorable eye contact again once having a conversation . I know the cons are i won’t sleep as well but feeling in control vs a drug that controlled me for so long feels amazing ! Feel free to message me I’m thinking of starting a YouTube channel soon my email is derekzuke@gmail.com . I am also a Christian if you would like prayer but it’s not a requirement to me helping you . Take care y’all keep fighting the good fight

  3. One of the first times I was smoking weed with a group of friends, I was sitting on the couch and started experiencing this tingly sensation in my anus. At that moment I just happened to overhear a conversation my friends were having about shelving paracetamol. I instantly became paranoid and started questioning whether they had done this to me. I started thinking that maybe they did and I had perhaps lost memory of the moment they did it. I went to the bathroom and felt like I could hear them all talking and laughing right outside the door. It was so strange lol

  4. Lmfao one time i was so high I went walking outside with no shoes on and I stepped on something and I convinced myself I stepped on a black widow and I literally was laying on my bed staring at the ceiling waiting to die 😂

  5. Bro I don’t even know why I smoke I really don’t like it like that, I smoke half a blunt and feel like I’m gonna die even tho I feel like that every time so I try not to think about cause it happens every time

  6. My first time trying weed was in the form of a brownie, I was TERRIFIED. Went from being sucidal to screaming for help because I didn't want to die.

  7. Anybody else have psychedelics and then weed was never the same ? Whenever I smoke weed now, I fall into a trap in my brain that makes me think I’m in a simulation and the people around me aren’t real.. I hate it, I just want weed to become like it used to be. I.E. it makes me relax and have a great laugh. I just can’t enjoy it anymore and idk why

  8. I get super paranoid when I'm high. I wonder if I'm breathing okay. "Did I forget to take a breath. Breathes yeah I did damn, gotta be careful. How much time has passed"

  9. Last time I smoked I kept like blacking out for like a second then would wake up and focus for like 10 seconds and blackout or whatever it was and this went on for like 2 hours I’m not scared just confused about what it was

  10. First time smokers need to know if you think about yourself panicking when high your going to panic about you getting caught people killing you and every thing else your high enjoy it listen to music if you get to paranoid it will be all over in the morning

  11. When I'm high I have conversations with myself and think everyone is going to kill me or kill someone and I feel like I can't do nothing besides hear voices and trip major

  12. When I smoke, I get physical pain on the left side of my body so heart, ribs, shoulder, arm etc. Because of the pain I start to get anxious that I’m having a heart attack, because of this I start to hyperventilate and it’s just a downward spiral. This all came from one night last year in October when I did coke and then had weed to try fall asleep… I had bad heart palpitations and thought I was having a heart attack and ended up in hospital, it wasn’t my heart but it scared me. Ever since then I’ve had anxiety and see a psychologist. I tried weed again on New Years and I got that pain again so I’m not sure what I can do as I enjoy the social aspect of weed 🙁

  13. That makes sense because when I used to smoke I used to get lost in my thoughts good ones bad ones all types of thoughts. It would feel like I was thinking for an hour but it would be 15 minutes. That used to scare me a lot at first. I also would remember things from my past that could not usually remember normally. I also think I have a genetic weird effect with cannabis to the point that I get so lost in thought I can just end up in a different world it feels like. I call it heavy daydreaming or dreaming with eyes open if its night time. My high were fun tho after I could right to rap my mind around what was going on and get ground I let the weed do what it does and cool out. It was still medicine a drug or what I remembered to say no to trying to go past my limits too much I did want to lose myself

  14. When I’m high, I feel like everybody knows I’m high and is judging me to the highest degree and knows everything about me. Then I start thinking about conspiracies and how they can be true. Then I start thinking something negative like what if this is permanent brain damage or neurosis and I will never be able to escape this or if I have some congenital heart defect and the sympathetic overload from cannabis is going to cause an arrhythmia and I’m going to die and ima be the first person to die off a weed OD cuz of a mental or heart condition. Then the cannabis slowly metabolizes after I drink water and I get horny, rub one out, and boom, all is well.

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