Cannabis: Panacea, Placebo, or Poison? | Jeffrey Chen | TEDxPershingSq

Due to recent changes in state laws, a majority of the US population now has legal access to cannabis. Los Angeles is the largest legal cannabis market in the …


  1. Cannabis is not the only plant that produces cannabinoids. He is wrong. Echinacea, Helichrysum Umbraculigerum, Liverwort, Kava all produce some cannabinoids, binding to receptors.

  2. This was very interesting. I'm a long-time smoker myself (hey, it's my choice) and I have tried asking several doctors about what the long term effects of smoking are.
    Good doctors tell you that they really can't answer that, because it's simply not discussed in med school. Bad doctors give you base-less opinions. I don't want *opinions*, I need facts and knowledge. So seeing that something's finally happening with cannabis research makes me very optimistic.
    The more facts I can base my choices on, the better.

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