Cannabis Oil Testimony 1 Year Later

Seriously…I have nothing to gain by telling you this other than seeing you happy and healthy…something I never thought was possible! #cannabisoil #squashthestigma #phrodiedhere #rso #ricksimp…


  1. Happy to hear how you able to heal all your ailments, thank you for sharing to help others.  Can you please tell me what exactly you used that helped you.  I am considering cannabis oil right now and trying to figure out which one to take,  there is so much out there and don't know how to choose.  I was diagnosed with Leukemia and I refused chemo or chemo pills.   I am feeling weak and tired and rest most of the day right now.   I seem to have  right now some sort of infection, I am spitting up greyish phlegm with pinkish tint, not sure what it is according to the internet could be any one of these:  lung abscess. congestive heart failure, lung cancer, pneumonia, pulmonary embolism or tuberculosis.  It is scarry.  Can you please advise what cannabis oil is best to use.  Is it tincture?  what brand?  how much to use a day?  I would really appreciate your help on this Christie

  2. Hey. I'm also on the oil. I have quit my radiation today coz my body just can't take radiation no more. Operating is too dangerous and I had enough Chemo already. Its Time I go cannabis all the way 🙂

  3. Yay What an over achiever you are… Hah.. Only you became are an over achiever about things going “wrong with you"… What fun.. But now you are going to be an over achiever at healing… LOL What a ride ? ?

  4. Thank you for pointing out the importance of THC and although CBD and many other cannabinoids do have their own healing virtues, I think you will find that any cannabis extract which does not contain high levels of THC will only have limited healing abilities. If you wish to learn more about this subject please go to my website and there you will find all the information required, which will enable you to produce and use this harmless non addictive natural life saving medication properly. Best Wishes Rick Simpson

  5. This is amazing to hear, I wish I had access to get the oil, I know its illegal but i think it would help me greatly, I am a how do you say hobbit, keep to myself and don't really know many people,. I too suffered with asthma for over 15 years, constantly in the hospital, I also have RA and starts of Osteo. Thank you for sharing your results and experience.

  6. You think rubbing cannabis oil on swollen knees helps for pain. I can't walk up stairs without holding on the the banister and sometimes I use my upper body to go upstairs or I nearly crawl up. But, I don't take pain pills because I know that doing so daily is dangerous or it damages the organs. I can't walk without feeling pain now. I have seen these ads on bill boards recently about robot joints which would be great for runners. I miss running more than I miss people and affection or romantic"stuff."

  7. Hi Christie! I can't thank you enough for not only sharing more of your story (even more in depth)!WoW! I knew you were taking some type of can. Oil but wasn't sure if that was the same as hemp oil. I just read what the difference is between ricks oil verse normal cbd oil and kinda have a better idea but still a bit confused tbh. (I don't know much about these things but really need/would love to know what I need to get. Christie your such an amazing, intelligent, talented,brave, understanding, such a wonder heart inside, and a sweetheart! I'm SO happy to learn how well you not only feel but how wonderful you look (meaning, not in pain, happy,yet very understanding and grateful)I'm so happy for you! Can I ask you what is eso verse rso? Is that a dif maker? Also, I'm in MD, can I buy this online? Can.oil? Do you know where I can go online? Finally, you mentioned you smoke tobacco not cig, may I ask what tobacco you smoke and do you just hand roll them? I'm a smoker also and need a bett

  8. Dear Christie,  Thank you sooo much for telling us how cannabis oil has helped you.  Can't imagine what you must have gone through and I'm so glad you found a way to get healthy.  My daughter is suffering from racing mind/thoughts, has severe anxiety, back pain, unable to sleep at night.  I would like to help her maybe she will also benefit from cannabis oil  Could you please tell me where to get the good kind you mentioned, the full extract cannabis oil and how to take it and how much daily?  I would appreciated it very much, she also suffers so much and is self medicating with alcohol and she keeps trying to quit but she has low tolerance for pain and she suffers mental emotional and physical pain and is a very sensitive soul and keeps falling back to alcohol or legal medication.   Maybe this will help her if I  had the right information, because alcohol nor the legal medical drugs is the answer.  Thank you

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