TeamAng So I’ve been getting a lot of comments from you guys saying that I should take CBD Oil… Thank you all for the suggestion. But the truth is, while I was …


  1. I deffo think the cbd oil or weed or anything like that is overrated I took it for years all different types to help with sleep anxiety etc nothing EVER worked

  2. I'm from Australia and have been through the medical system for most of my life because of epilepsy. Now I can go for months without having any type of seizure after making the right changes in my life.

  3. It hurt my heart as I seen just a short part of you suffering with your seizure(I could'nt watch anymore).Much respect and love to you,your mother and anyone is suffering because of this terrible condition.I was diagnosed about 3 weeks ago with epilepsy(was said to be a brain degeneration type),but my help come from the Most High and I will trust in him(don't have noone willing to be with me through my suffering),but I am thankful and happy for you that your mother is there for/with you.I may have had epilepsy attacks of some types since I was a child and never knew(black outs,amongst variable other signs),just thankful regardless and will not give up hope for restoration.Stay encouraged and don't give up precious…

  4. I have tonic clonic attacks, PNEA attacks and Distony attacks. Since I use the CBD oil I have gone from 100 to 200 attacks to 3a4 attacks per day. In contrast, I went from 20 to 20 attacks in an hour a day to 10 to 12 attacks a day. For me, this type of CBD oil has a very good effect and it is completely transparent. And has no taste at all. Maybe a good CBD oil to try.

  5. I have been using Kanoway CBD oil since I took it, so I have been attack free for 2 years, but since I went from the keppra to the lamotrogine it still helps but it does have a different kind of work, you may have to try it on facebook there is a group of them. Maybe a good tip.

  6. Hey! lol I posted in another one of your videos about trying Cannabis oil and someone replied that you had already tried it hehehe 🙂

    also after reading some of the comments I agree that THC is necessary. I mentioned that as well in the post I made on the other videos. The reason why CBD alone is often radically ineffective is that nature works in a symbiotic way. The THC rushes into our body and basically taps all the receptors n fun stuff in the body and it be like "hey yo, we got some CBD coming through so get ready." Without that sort of heads up, so to speak, the receptors just kind of ignore the CBD. You gotta think about it like this… humans grew up all these thousands and millions of years using cannabis. I believe that it has been mostly consumed by eating it (edibles basically) but that it was also smoked. So our bodies did not become familiar with only CBD. That's such a silly notion. The human body came to know ALL cannabinoids. I dunno.. for whatever this post is worth, using full-spectrum cannabis (that means THC too) is something to consider. I always think of it like.. what do patients got to lose by trying out a plant that has never actually killed anyone?

  7. did you ever use oxcarbazepine? My wife has had great results from this medication, but she still has a seizure typically once a month, she once went 9 monthes without a single seizure during the pregnancy of our son but that hasn't ever happened again.

  8. I recommend you to talk to your Neurologist and ask about taking
    Phenytoin (Dilantin) I take 100 mg 2 in the morning 2 at night. I took it for a straight yr with some CBD drops under my tongue and didn’t have a seizure for a year , I stopped taking it because I got pregnant and my seizure started occurring again after I had my baby I took the medication again without CBD drops and I have been seizure free for 3 months

  9. My daughter was seizure free for 11 months with cbd oil. However most people dont know/ realize that in order for cbd to work it has to have small trace amounts of thc to activate the cbd. My husband is a medical cannabis patient for cancer so we have literally spent years studying and doing research on cannabis. Please try medical cbd oil if its legal where you are the amount of thc in it is so so low that it DOES NOT make you high or even show in your system but its crucial to have the thc to activate the cbd. Good luck! Prayers sent your way hun😘

  10. My seizures get worse if I take too much CBD. So it might be that you took a too high dose. The dose is very individual so you start with 1 drop and increase. I have partial complex seizures, and I take Mary’s CBD that has 0.3% THC, and I take that because it helps with my neuropathy and carpel tunnels on top of the seizures, but the CBD that works the best for my seizures has only 0.03% THC. Hope this helps you!

  11. I don’t know much about CBD oil but I do know it’s best to find one that has little to no extra ingredients in it. I want to say maybe it’s called Hempworx CBD and it only has 2 ingredients. Sometimes the whole plant is helpful if you are ok with the THC effects because there a bunch of benefits from all the properties working together. I just found your channel and I’m looking forward to seeing you seizure free.

  12. The CBD:THC combo is important wi5 seizures. And it may not work but hemp derived CBD or cannabis derived with trace THC isn’t strong enough. They have THC nasal sprays for siezures here in the US.

  13. It is so many brands out there, maybye you shuld try out some different types? And have someone drip it under youre tongue in the start of an seisure. Sheck out the types they use with epilepsy and use it the same way, I reallu hope you can get this under control.

  14. I have tried all forms, CBD, THC, Edibles, capsules, smoking it, vaping it, oil’s, rub on sticks, A ton of different strains, etc. being in the US I guess it might be different or you need to see another doctor that does medical marijuana as treatment for seizures. My doctor tried everything and we tried for a very long time to get it right but it never helped it actually made mine worse and so many people comment on every one of my videos about it, like if it helped I wouldn’t already be doing it. Believe me if it worked I would be on it. It does help a ton of people but for everyone to assume it’s a cure all makes me kinda annoyed cause they will actually even get mad at me cause I’m not on it, wow it’s a weird world on social media. I’m glad it helps so many but there are a ton of people it either does nothing for or makes them worse. Just like any medication, it doesn’t work for everyone. I wish people could under stand that. Thanks for sharing your journey with it and I hope that some day you can find something that helps. I wish I could but it’s been 7 years and nothing ☹️ only emergency meds like Ativan and so on help me when my dog alerts to them. God bless you girl. I hope maybe some day we can talk❤️

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