Cannabis Cultivation: Bending Marijuana & Compost Tea (AACT)

Bending and training marijuana plants. Jorge uses a horizontal terrace to train marijuana plants. In fact, bending is often as effective as pinching cannabis tops or pruning marijuana plants….


  1. 😎☮️🌏🤗🌱💯💥🌸👃💪💞💓😇😳😳😳😳😊😊most definitely for sure the info ever🎆🚬💣‼️‼️🍾🍾🐸🌿🌹💃 hands down love the videos and the pictures and all the great information 🕺💃 may we all grow some wicked flower peace out to all of you keep learning and keep a notebook and pen handy to make a lot of notes to help you produce some wicked medical flower good luck with all your growing 🌸🌿💯🤗🎆🚬😳😳😳💃💞💓😊😊😊💣‼️👍💪🤛🍾💟

  2. When people ask me for advice or ask about a solution for a problem they’re having I immediately bring up your marijuana horticulture medical growers bible and recommend they invest in it because having the knowledge at hand they can reference is invaluable.

  3. Man I used to learn from you years ago man! When it was outlawed and we had to be real discreet about everything!! I’ve got your medical growers bible. Thanks for getting me through the learning curve years ago. Your a legend O.G.

  4. I grow 2-3 each year but it's hard to let them get to big when it's still illegal in this fkn country. ( Australia ) In saying that, the ones back in April ended up growing to 7ft and I only have 5ft fences aroun my yard. ^_^ Thank God for great neighbours. One day when we can grow it legally I'll be sure to give them a lot more TLC then they can atm. I don't even have a clue what strains I grow each time. I just find the odd seed in a bud and put it away for the spring. HaPpY DaYs!

  5. Jorge love your vidoes can this compost spray work for indoor too and does the milk and water spray work to get rid of mildew I got some daconil and sprayed my plants with it and almost killed them with that crap please help thank you

  6. I'm going thru all your YouTube cannabis cultivation videos – nice job!! Question about the AACT – on a commercial scale if we are not doing any composting, what is your opinion on Actinovate as a spray and Actinoiron for soil/media incorporation? Basically the same approach – covering your foliage & soil in beneficial bacteria that out compete the pathogens. Thank You again – Terry.

  7. hi Jorge! I purchased your encyclopedia today on amazon, and am going to enroll in thc university in a few weeks. but I've been watching a lot of your videos lately, reading tons of articles from reputable sources but I can't find an answer and was hoping you'd be able to help me. I'm planning an indoor grow, but I want to do soilless (Coco). Generally, how many times do people growing in Coco water their plants each day, and do I feed them nutrient solution each time I water?

  8. That air pump you have for this Jorge Cervantes, can u mix any nutes you want in that big drum? if so, where did u get your air pump at? im trying to figure out where I can go to get one when I water my crop this year, can I find them anywhere or need to go to a good hydro store?

  9. Great video, and most of all the great Tip. I will definitely be adding this to my list for next years season. Can this be sprayed on the girls that are vegging inside? Not in the tent of course.

  10. LMAO You got it worse than me and I am cursing everyday because the neighbors house and low fencing. OMFG LOVE IT.  It don't matter at this point I guess. Fuck it! 🙂 LOVING IT AND LOVING YOU> PEACE!

  11. WOW that is impressive growth , But you got mold. Funny how gardening is , You may have something real good like shade or soil but then you have some other problem. I would suggest BLUE GREEN or BROWN string because that really just sticks out with all that white. You can dye the net or get creative, but my research leads to NOT VERY STEALTH AND BLENDING to be at play. Always blend and make a natural setting. From 10 feet away I could not tell and that is a good thing. RESPECT TO ALL>

  12. Hi jorge, I know you're a busy man but if you have the time to answer this question for me it would be a life saver!

    I am renovating a small 80x80x230 closet area to house either 2 smaller plants or 1 large plant but I'm struggling to figure out the lighting to use, either a naked 250w HPS light or a 400w hps light with a cooltube hooked up to a 5" running at 110 cfm, would I see much of a impact running 400w over 250w naked in a space like this? hope to hear back soon, hoping to get a copy of the encyclopedia for christmas, its on my list 😉

  13. what "exactly",, would 1 put in the bubbler?,, are these microbes accessible through,my hydroponic store?- (im in canada)or is there something particular i should look for?

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