Cannabis Concentrates The Art of Extraction

Originally published on Feb 3, 2017 by Leafly Cannabis concentrates take on many forms, and seem to have about a thousand names such…


  1. thanks for sharing this! it was really interesting to learn about the specifics behind the different processes. definitely gave me a greater appreciation for the products i consume.

  2. Where has this video been? I would love a break down of each concentrate and the different ways to use them. As well as how distributors very from state to state. I live in northpole alaska and our shops very from anchorage. So what is the difference from state distributors in the lower 48. As well as canada. What are distributors like in canada. Just saying road trip.

  3. Just curious, but with solvent extraction, like in the 1st episode, does any material remain from the flower after the first process? Whatever remains from the flower what does it look like, or is it dissolved?

  4. I must’ve heard something wrong. @3:30 he said the Surgeon General said not to exceed 5,000ppm’s 😳 of solvent consumption in one day . Did he mean 500 not 5,000? I’ve was always told anything over 300ppm’s was unhealthy or am I just misinformed?

  5. utterly fascinating information. Thank you for waling us through. I am learning every day about cannabis and I think I don't see the day where I'll stop. It's helping me for my lung inflammation and my left shoulder pain, after they removed my left lung. Cannais is a big help in making my life pleasant and stimulating again.

  6. I had no clue, about any of this…glad there’s Youtube.

    I am very new to the cannabis world I’m totally clueless. I’m still trying to find what helps me from my issues.

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