Canna Cribs: E1 – Glass House Greenhouse – Commercial Cannabis Growing Operation in California

In this episode of Canna Cribs the team visits a 350000 sq. ft. growing operation in California to unveil the products and growing methodologies that help Glass House grow…


  1. These guys are from santa Barbara currently trying to add a new law into the ventura county ballot for commercial cannabis cultivation. They are great hopefully its added on the ballot

  2. Anyone else question what trimming method involves coconut oil???😂😂 lol never heard of oily trim I mean unless he tryna say Wax companies buy pre extracted edible trim which I really hope is no one

  3. Your video crew and editors and host, Nate are setting a new standard for news and media about marijuana. Like so many in the era of legalization, you are communicating the truth – about marijuana culture and industry – stripped of social disapproval, and no one is doing this better than you. This extremely difficult work because of the points of view you have to process simultaneously, and you are doing it well. My favorite thing about Canna Cribs is the opportunity you create for growers to compare best practices brought to large scale like curing equipment and methods. Congrats to all of you at the Growers Network!

  4. Nate, Well done once again Mate to you and your team there at growers network.
    Be setting up a facility shortly, would be great to get your advice. and contact details.
    Much love from Australia keep up the good work.

  5. 2019- the year Cannabis got FUCKED in California!!! Now i know why the farmers in NorCal didn't want that shit to pass. Shops getting shut down everywhere, and all that's left are the overpriced bullshit, in prepackaged containers. Fuck the cops, fuck the government. Legal weed in California, and Ohio is pure fucking CRAP!! They monopolize this shit, and prices are staying too fucking high! Damn, and they wonder why the black market it thriving. its basically back door prohibition. People are still going to jail for weed related shit ALL THE TIME (smoking in public, smoking in your car), FUCK, WHEN DOES IT EVER END?? Probably when the government is too broke to pay their minions.

    I like your episodes cannacribs, but it doesn't really show what the fuck is going on. Only people with the big bucks can get in now. The little farmers that were making a healthy 60-70k a year, is now probably homeless, unless he got hired on as an employee to some big corporation to be a head farmer or something. EIther way, you need to do an episode to show HOW MUCH THINGS REALLY CHANGED in California, and IMHO, its for the worse.

  6. Man. Engineering/Cultivation meet. Leggit farm right there. Got the system down pat! Mom and pop farms still have the desired quality you just cant find in speedy production, but you CAN satisfy the beginner smokers and they ARE willing to pay… you cant have a multi million dollar greenhouse the size of a mall, if they dont pay. Hahahahaha. Cheers!🤘. Stay gofted, Lifted and medicated yall!

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