1. Would marijuana affect chemotherapy drugs or in any way dilute them in your bloodstream? My wifes Dr. Who specializes in blood stream cancers told her to stop b4 her bone marrow transplant. She listened but it has made it that much harder on her.

  2. There is a company in Orlando Florida who is conducting clinical studies with the FDA on cannabinoids and chemotherapy. Leaf Vertical 805 S. Kirkman Rd Orlando Florida 32811. Not sure what status they are in but they are almost ready to be recruiting patients to study. I was told this by my doctor they are further along than any other company in many cancers. I know they are listed on clinical trials dot gov.

  3. What? 1. A relative of mine died from a cocaine overdose. 2 – About 10,000 people die from cocaine each year in the united states. 3 – Cocaine doesn't grow out of the ground, its chemically manufactured from the coca plant, cannabis is seed to plant, big difference. 4 – Doesn't hurt anybody? Cocaine use can cause heart problems, mental dysfunction and is very addictive. 5 – What a ridiculous comment! I've seen the damage with my own eyes.

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