Best Grow Light for Growing Cannabis in 2020

Link to 630w CMH: Link to download our free guide: What exactly is the best grow light for growing cannabis? There is an …


  1. I run 3 electric Sky 300 V2 wide band LED lights which have an amazing wide band spectrum and I've added two california lightworks Solarsystem UVB lights at 25 watts each in my tent and my setup will produce way better quallity and resin then any CMH on the market now with half the heat. You totally forgot to mention that CMH throw way more heat and of your running anything more than one 630 watt light, you will need to factor in the cost of your air conditioner you will need to run. And with that, your better off spending some good money on GOOD LED and a UVB light which mine were only 99 dollars each. My setup may cost double to buy but in electrical savings and savings on bulbs and not needing an air con, it works out to be a much better choice for anyone with a grow bigger than 4×4.

  2. Kind of skimmed through the comments but personally I use (2) phytomax 2 1000w leds Over a 4’x8’ flood and drain table holding 128 plants sea of green style BUT I ALSO USE SUPPLEMENTAL LIGHTING AS WELL those being extra UV fixtures designed for reptile use… I racked my brain for years on how I can combine yield and quality and this is what I’ve come up with … I pull about 6lbs of top shelf dispensary quality buds from this setup … I want to thank you for pointing out it’s not always quantity but QUALITY that patients are looking for 🙏🏻🙏🏻 have a blessed day

  3. Do you know if any companies that make air cooled fixtures that work with CMH? All of these open reflectors seem like terrible heat management problems for warmer climates.

  4. Had good luck with 1000 veg/600 bloom hps light. First grow but working hard, getting ready for light in second tent with expensive seeds. Don’t care about electricity bill, just want best. What about these oled I’m hearing about?

  5. UV also degrades resin… cmh doesnt make more resin. Your opinions are shit. I've seen more cannabis cups won last year with led lights. To get more resin you I produce UV for a short period in mid to late flower… by adding t5 UV liggts I've seen increases of up t
    .25% more thc… that's basically nothing. CMH will cost alot more over time, cost alot more in ac and air… CMH is a huge fire hazard aswell. Your not going to convince me…. I was useing 630 watt double ended CMH fixtures, this year I switched to LED.

    What were the differences??

    1. Yeild. Watt for watt the yeild went up by about 15%. Was useing 2600 watts of CMH vs 1620 watts of hlg quantum boards.

    2. Quality. Theres noticeable more color in my plants and they seem to want to finish about 3 to 5 days faster. Ide need to have the strains tested to see if there was a resin increase but by visual I section and close up photo there was no difference what so ever. The led bud always looked butter tho. Even my GG4 what grew as a green plant amd then turned just yellow before they dried into themselves, with CMH, same exact cut not gets a pinkish maroon coloring in its leaves aswell. And it's not a temperature thing.. my room is fully in my control… I can make it 62 degrees with the lights on in July if I want… my room is 62 at night and 78.5 at canopy, 73 at the floor.

    3. Electrical savings…. my bill was 680 a month, now its 340 ish. Use way less electricity, not only in the fewer watts to cover the same area with slightly more intensity, the AC doesnt run as much.

    Now, the UV light and resin production doesnt pan out. If it did outdoor grown weed would have more resin, but it doesnt, cause the plant produces it, then the UV Ray's degrade it…. so this dudes ideas are ass backwards.

    HPS has lots of UV too asshole. Doesnt mean your 1970s tech will hold a flame

    Your big old 1.5 ppfd on CMH vs
    Vs 2.6 on an lm301b.

    The internet is full of opinions, half wrong.

  6. Metal halide produce uvb. As well . Glass blocks uv. So hid. Reflectors with glass removed , but watch the heat and because of this 315 cmh is a better choice with remote ballast. Lab test in side by side .. cmh x 3 vs 1000 de. Light rail. Same potency . Same weight

  7. Point taken about the UV-radiation, however: considering the questionable legal status of growing Cannabis in many places of the world, it should be said that both heat imaging and sudden spikes in energy consumption are methods the popo employ to sniff out grows.

  8. I've been using the 630w Nanolux CMH lights for about 18 months now and they work perfectly for the later phases of vag all the way through flower. Was thinking about switching to LEDs for the power consumption but now I'm not so sure.

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