Best CBD Products at the Texas Hemp Convention + Why I Won't Smoke CBD

John from takes you on a field trip to the 2020 Texas Hemp Convention, in Dallas, TX which is advertised as the World’s …


  1. Shortcuts to Video
    07:10 CBD Product Warning
    14:48 Haygood Farms – Hemp Grower CBD Products
    24:48 Botana – Dual Extraction CBD Products
    31:59 Shakti Seeds – Sells HEMP CBD seeds
    36:23 Biochar Now – Superior quality Biochar
    41:39 Wildroot Organics – Mycorrhizal Innoculates Highly Concentred –
    52:45 AgriOzein – Highly Ozonated Water to prevent disease in plants
    1:00:27 Soil Secrets – Specially Processed Carbon to put in your soil for better growth
    1:03:45 Trichome Institute – dispelling the myths about cannabis and hemp
    1:07:48 Summary of my experience at Texas Hemp Convention

  2. Can I grow all the wheat, beans, and amaranth and gooseberries that I want too? Where is respect for Declaration Of Independence with its "We acknowledge Nature's God, and Laws of Nature in their war against nature and Natures people?

    It is said ' woe to lawyers' because they can't go to Heaven until they get mortal laws off books.

  3. Is there some stuff in nettles that's the same as hemp? I been growing nettle seeds for their calming qualities. They're kinda energising but calming at the same time.

  4. Wow, that's too bad you were duped twice with hemp products. This goes on in the organic food industry as well. I've used hemp protein powder once from Vitamin Shoppe lol. I also love the Hemp brand Lotions, so creamy and fragrant. I've used topical CBD oil, Organic too, from Sprouts market. It was full-spectrum 250 mg (if I recall correctly) and lavendar scented. The base was coconut oil. I can't find that particular product anymore, but it was my favorite CBD salve/ointment I've tried by far, for back/shoulder pain. It was also my first one I've tried. I've tried other topical CBD ointments (Organic Roots), but saved a picture of it to research it out online. I am a big advocate now of CBD, and I'm a new consumer of it, although it's been big for a while. I haven't tried the chews, but have tried the extracts/tincture for pain relief and to sleep better at night. I just put it in water and drink it, but it usually causes acid reflux. If I'm ever in Las Vegas, your town (I've never been there in my life) it wouldn't be to gamble, but sight see (and maybe give someone the best neck massage, lol jk). I wish I was at that cool convention in Texas! Looked exciting and educational! Great video, liked and shared.

  5. Darn I missed it and missed you. I'm in Dallas. Maybe we can do a gardening video here in the area. Let me know.
    There shouldn't be regulation on cannabis and CBd. Just honesty.

  6. THANK YOU John!!!!!!!
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  7. I don't understand alot of the terminology, But I like all your plant growing videos. It's cool to learn a bit about something different. I never knew organic growing even applied to Cannabis.

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