Best CBD Oil Spray for Pain Relief

CBD Oil is the newest health trend. Does this spray work? Watch now! Check out my brand new podcast: ↓↓ Click “show more” …


  1. "Just spray the weed on your arm bro and it'll get better" are you eating this stuff? It might explain your haircut. Are these "doctors" similar to how you are a "journalist"?

  2. I unsubscribed about a year ago because you put "best" in front of everything you promote, even when you review 30 headphones in a year, they can't all be the "best." This though borders on being unethical or disingenuous to say it is "best". With cannabis products everyone reacts differently to them, there is no "best". It may help you some but to others they may respond better to a different strain or hybrid. I live in a state that it is legal, we've used many products and I only understand a little bit about it, it's something we are constantly gaining knowledge about to help my wife with pain relief. Please make sure you educate yourself on it and be honest when promoting a product.

    Some things to consider looking into on this product is do they farm organically, do they use pesticides. Your skin is your largest organ and putting a product with pesticides on it will be taken internally. It's a big deal for long term users.

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