Ask the MD: Medical Marijuana and Parkinson's Disease

Does medical marijuana help Parkinson’s symptoms? Rachel Dolhun, MD, movement disorder specialist and vice president of medical communications at The …


  1. I have seizures with some of the same symptoms arm jolts shaking etc marijuana seems to help a little but I still have the other side effects of the marijuana so it's one or the other

  2. After 20 years of Parkinson's and watching a documentary, I decided to use an old friend marijuana as a treatment for my tremors, spasms, and pain. Well it has worked on all three…there are two side effects for me they are dry mouth and increased appetite. Quality of life is what a treatment should provide and that is what this medication accomplishes.

  3. Hi, I'm Joshua . I am researching an article on whether CBD shows signs of improvement on people with Parkinson's disease. Could you'll help me with your personal experience.?

  4. phytocannabinoids help humans to maintain cellular homeostasis in their endocannabinoid system . most people are experiencing severe endocannabinoid deficiencies because of a lack of omega fats in diets … phytocannabinoids are a late stage compound in the omega fatty acid pathways in our cells .. the phytochemicals bio-mimic our endogenous cannabinoids and is why they are so safe to use

  5. 0:21 – FDA approved Epidiolex two years ago and scheduled as a schedule 5 … Two weeks ago DEA took Epidiolex off teh drug schedule completely . that is a botanical drug substance made from real living cannabis plant that is solvent soaked and reconstituted to tincture . Epidiolex is not a lab made synthetic single compound formula

  6. i'm not diagnosed with PD (yet) did have a brain scan… but i have migraines as well, eye migraine like 3-4 times on a bad day (every day for 3 days in a row each week) which is also gone with cannabis, turns out they only looked at the migraines.. and not the tremors, so after this corona stuff i'm going for a checkup
    my dad had PD he went from a good husband/father to bed bound in a matter of a couple years
    since a year or 2 my head is shaking… started with small fast tremors and since like 2 months they have been slower but more prevalent/bigger motion
    if i am not smoking cannabis i am aware of every little shake, it's locking my shoulders and causing me to hunch over subconsciously and cause tremendous stress
    it started with my head, but it's "in" my torso, back/lower back and shoulders now
    i am not going outside as much as i like, in this time that's a good thing… with this corona stuff, but still i feel ashamed, avoid people whenever possible
    i'm 47 and i really do not want to live like this for the rest of my live, or worse… end up like my dad, bed stricken for ~10 years till i die of pneumonia (like he did)
    his doctor told me i could get this, this was genetic, either me or my kids would get this (conscious decision to not have kids cause of this)
    32 years ive been afraid this might affect me… every little involuntary movement i was reminded of PD, not a good life….very stressful
    so i smoke cannabis, it helps with the shaking and, at the very least, it helps with "forgetting" tremors, less stress, less "conscious" shaking
    1 gram a day, expensive, it's like 60 euros a week… but we don't have medical cannabis which is compensated (tho we are known for our weed, the netherlands) and i'm not allowed to grow it myself, but weed helps….

  7. I've had PD for some years just recently diagnosed I've found through trial and error that the thc and cdb percentage is key ,for me 5 percent cdb and between 23 to 27 percent thc and my symptoms are gone and have a good quality of life ,people can't tell I have pd to low on the percentages and it non efecturail higher on the percentages and I'm well let's say higher then a kite and can't funtion I hate takeing meds and this when it wears off OH Boy I'm 57 and I don't know what I'm going do maybe this might help someone SEMPER FI

  8. You need to reach out doc your blinded on seeing what studies are in right now instead of meeting people and talking to who actually use the medical marijuana. From my knowledge marijuana is medicine there is no risk and NO SIDEEFFECTS besides being a little hungry and very happy and the last one is wanting a power nap because you are relaxed while medicating. Time to eliminate big brother pharmasuticle

  9. In February last year, I was diagnosed of PARKINSON DISEASE. I started out taking only Azilect, then Mirapex and sinemet as the disease progressed but didn’t help much. In July, I started on PARKINSON DISEASE TREATMENT PROTOCOL from Herbal Health Point (ww w. herbalhealthpoint. c om). One month into the treatment, I made a significant recovery. After I completed the recommended treatment, almost all my symptoms were gone, wonderful improvement with my movement and tremors

  10. My husband is afraid about taking medical marijuana to treat his Parkinson's disease . His neurologist has sad , that the earliest a patient uses cannabinoid the most addicted this patient becomes. As Parkinson develops gradually , my husband prefers to take another alternative medical treatment later. He just takes Levodopa and aspirin.

  11. My son in law, early 40's young with PD is on his second purchase of high strength CBD because it's helping him. Fortunately. I bought him the first lot and told him be patient, it takes a good 15 days to settle in, approx 2,000 mg cbd per ml, 1 to 2 ml morning, 1 ml at night. He got through the first 100mls and saw the benefits thus has bought more. Some people will need higher strength than this or to be economical buy higher strength but take small dose. Squirt under the tongue and let it absorb there for several minutes. 3600 mg per ml probably the better buy.

  12. I think the take away is that there are a LOT of PD people asking these questions. And there have been some actual real benefits — in the field — for those who have tried. I guess my question would be after watching this – what research is MJFF doing to move the needle forward? If the current trials are small and not double blind, then wouldn't it behoove the MJFF to fund a trial to research this since so many are asking? We keep hearing the same thing — lots of people asking, not enough research or trials. Sounds like a "Call to Action" to me.

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