Adding Sugars To Cannabis Plants Guide – Molasses, Corn Syrup or Honey

Today on Lex’s World, let’s talk adding sugars to your marijuana plants! This is a common additive that growers use; we’ll talk about how much sugar to use, when to apply it – flowering…


  1. Woah! You did NOT just scroll down into the comments and forget to subscribe, did ya? DID YA? 🙂 Didn't think so. A note on the directions in this video: like with all additives you mix into your water, you should not be adding your sugars on every single watering…I recommend to add nutrients only every 2nd watering, and the same goes for adding sugars during flowering.

  2. Yall dont use that stuff in veg or any like that… literally killed my plants cuz the roots got rotten from the decomposing molasses… but in end of flower its fine

  3. While you are correct that plants cannot directly absorb carbohydrates through the roots, sucrose, ribose, and fructose as well as glucose are prone to leach out of the roots during heavy watering. By adding even a small amount of sugar to your water/ nutrient mix you can eliminate or minimize it. That in turn means that more sugars stay in the plant, and are used for whatever the plant uses them for, energy, building material, etc
    Additionally, ion/cation exchange does not allow for sugar absorption, but simple sugars can sometimes pass through cell walls(polysaccharide) when certain enzymes are present by opening small seams in the plasmodesmata. Not all plants have this function, and it has been discovered that some plants native to certain regions have it, while the same plant from another region will not. What this means is basically, it's possible that some cannabis strains may be able to "envelope" certain nutrients thru the phospholipid bilayer when the wall is permeable

  4. I've never used molasses before dose adding molasses affect the pH numbers? Can I add it with my nutrients that i mix in the water on feeding days Or do I just add it to just my water

  5. Aloha Lex, I added 1 tbl spoon molasses /gal of filtered water for my 2-3 day watering 1 week into flowereing indoor soil grow. 2 days later the bottom leaves starting turing yellow and now spots! She was perfect before the molasses. I fulshed with Epsom salts, 1 tbl spoon / gal. the flushed with another gal of water. still turning yellow up the plant! I' d appreciate your help!

  6. This guy is teaching you how to grow bammer why would you put that in the plant? Do they naturally grow with molasses in nature the answer is no him and other people is the reason why the weed taste shitty he is Givin you the recipe for bammer

  7. One week into flowering I added a tablespoon per gallon and I was watering in a 12 gallon pot 1 gallon every two to three days. A few days after the second watering with unsulphured molasses if you are the bottom leaves have started turning yellow. Any suggestions, please? Mahaloz

  8. Molasses can be fed at any stage of the plants life cycle (and should be) as it will feed not the plant , but it WILL feed and ATTRACT all the different micro organisms etc. that produce the waste for the plant to feed on.This symbiotic relationship promotes rapid root spread to further the plants own ability to widen its search for, and receive , more food on demand (courtesy of the body waste of the Micro-organisms) it is the increase in micro organisms that that leads to those larger buds because of the increase in waste from the microbes , AND the plant itself then produces more of its own sugar to purposely keep the growing mass of those organisms in and on the plants own root stock….More microbes produce more waste for the plant to thrive……simple concept , and even more effective if you add some mycorrhizal fungi when transplanted up.This wonderful fungi will attach itself to the plants root system initially as it also feeds the plant through the attraction of more of the microbe population around the root system….This is how nature feeds ALL plants… works perfectly without human intervention……have you never wondered just how everything in the wild thrives all by itself…have a trip into any wooded area and take some ground samples with a spade……turn the ground over and you will see lots of White mycorrhizal fungi growing in every direction from the roots of all the trees ,bushes, plants etc.Mother Nature was doing this long before foolish man came along and screwed plant feeding up with all his chemical salty shit (the main reason WHY most people unintentionally cause problems for their own plants.)……follow Mother Nature by making your own organic material to grow your plants in, its easy, then kiss goodbye to all those diseases and anomalies that always appear with most shop bought plant foods….Plants don't eat plant food…they never have.

  9. I did a test molasses 200 percent increases taste and aroma and etc I dnt understand why u havnt given you own optimism and experience using it there’s an obvious reason

  10. Sugar is used to make plants weigh more! it makes weed smoke hotter and harsh. Does nothing for the quality at all! I have 40 yrs. exp growing!!! want better quality??? re-engineered water is the solution

  11. have you experimented much with honey? ive been wanting to try more due to the higher fructose content in honey which would allow the plant to store a higher sugar content, but was worried about the anti bacterial properties that it also carries which could in turn kill a lot of that good bacteria i need in my soil.

  12. I use organic black strap molasses 1.25ml per 5 gallons in my reservoir. In hydro if you use to much you will see some odd stuff growing in your reservoir .

  13. Fuck i got one seed and it just sprouted. I love this seed like a child already ..I'm so scared I'll get too invested in it..only to have animals fuck it up or some asshole jack it!!

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