1. 5:55 – the smelly organic compounds in cannabis ( Terpenes/ sesquiterpenes / monoterpenes) help augment the metabolic expression of the heavier more stable cannabinoids ( meroterpinoids) … the half life of the sesquiterpenes provide a more long lasting form of metabolism for the more fast acting phytocananbinoids … known as entourage / cannabimimetics

  2. I’m in my 60s and CBD oil saved my life I have RA with huge inflammation and pain, I sent for CBD oil and within an hour the pain was better and the inflammation is all but gone. Now we have to keep the big pharmaceutical companies out of it with their big awful chemical

  3. Cbd is a great tool! I have anxiety and depersonalization and if I'm having issues on any given day, Cbd helps me calm down and get level headed. Thc isn't legal where I live, but I think it has great side-effects for so many! Great video!

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