3 Simple & Free Ways to Grow Bigger, Denser Buds! Cannabis Grow Guide Week 12

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  1. I've been smoking for 40+yrs..only started growing my own a couple of years ago, never knew smoke could be so good, the stuff some people sell is just plain embarrassing now that I look back at it

  2. I recently had to leave the states n where I'm at has shitty weed so I decided to started growing n snce this virus it's on pause but it's deff giving me time to learn how to grow proper plant. Where I'm at its hot all year round so I mite grow it outside in a 15g. any tips to grow high yeilds with dutchpassions autos on outdoor in india.

  3. Hey just a quick question. I know this video was a year ago so I'd like to know if this is still your viewpoint.

    You mentioned pruning your plants 3 weeks into flower, I've heard many saying never to prune in flower and only do it in veg because it shocks the plant and produces less buds overall.

    What's your take on this?

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