10 Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a Weed Activist

From the medicinal benefits of the cannabis plant to explaining when and how exactly weed became a bad word, The Great Legalisation Movement, India’s Viki …


  1. well u have said the true facts of this man but u ain't got the full potential of the cannabis plant its more than we knew and yeah am was an stoner once and besides everybody says stoners are some kinda of shits but we are just kinda persons who forgets about this totally fucked up reality and trying find peace to live on, as we can combine and do an protest for that but who cares if we did or not until the mediaic attention get to us, its all corporate rulers who decide the fate and future of the humans by allowing harmful substances to crawl between us and making us beg for treatment or cure. Man soon enough we all see the legalization of marijuana well happen and they still hide the benefits and poses bad comments or made up issues, like once i got arrested for smoking weed inside my house and they took me to police station and questioned me like i was an third rated criminal who banished many families and stole their entire fortune, and finally they let me go by giving me advice and warning like marijuana is a total human destroyer and its more harmful than any concentrated poison or venom of rattle snake and finally an baldy officer said that smoking weed destroys my balls and u will never have an child of your own after hearing that i felt sorry for him, laughed aND LEFT. So this is the India now like totally forgetting our past and traumatized present but our future won't be like that i assure u guys but we need support "LET US ALL BE ONE"

  2. As Long as the Infamous Drug trade of Adding Harmful substances to the plant and making byproducts from it,There is a long time chance is the drug is to be Leaglised in Many years time.

    But sure why not lets have a deep conversation with a modern day stoner of how its so good for you.

  3. Big money corporations dont want this to be legallized, thats all there is to it, just like in the early 1900s they didnt want lead to be taken out of products, the only difference is now they have more power and influence than ever while scientists have less than ever.

  4. I'm handicap person from Pune and I have Willson disease patient from Pune I'm working on weed should be legalize in India 8698536898 it's my no call me if you need me anytime anyplace

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