1. Awesome light!! Using the Samsung lm561c? It’s an Evolution of Smart Grow Systems GOLDENi 600? The Golden Grow Spectrum it’s beautiful, and It seems to be the best, like Sun

  2. t5 light coverage effectiveness with led performance kinda hurts when they said purple light was a mistake ?lol but lumigrow is doing big things. ?this most def beats t5 in a rack style grow & thats cool how u can hang them any way

  3. Outstanding ma friend thay look amazing. ..am currently working on looking for sponcers to advertise their products on ma new grow channel to the uk cannabis growers community. .eny suggestions ma friend. ..am currently looking to convert to full leds all round veg n flower. ..peace from Glasgow Scotland uk

  4. Damn those are some of the healthiest plants that I have ever seen. I only wish that somehow I could become a player in the newly developing industry. I don't think that anything would fill the void quite as nicely as being able to grow with some of these high tech lighting systems and make an honest living from doing so.

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